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How can I reset my password?

If you know your Work Experience Directory password and would like to reset it, log in and click on Account Preferences the Edit My Account Details to do so. Be sure to save changes. If you're logged in you can click here.

How can I reset my password?

You can retrieve your password here.


What browser should I use?

To make the most of the Work Experience Directory we recommend the following:

On Windows: latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer

On Macs: latest version of Safari or Firefox.

If you’ve been using the site without any problems and suddenly experience display problems, try downloading a new version of your browser. This should clear up your problems quick smart.

Does this site use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. And as we’re exchanging information through search boxes and the like, cookies help us remember information so you don’t have to re-enter it all the time.

For more info about how we use cookies at WorkExperienceDirectory.com.au check out our Privacy Policy.

Do I need Java or JavaScript to use this site?

JavaScript is perfectly fine. We choose to use JavaScript so that everyone can access our services.

Some tools featured on Work Experience Directory will not function if you have JavaScript turned off in your browser. Settings for JavaScript can be found in most browsers under 'Preferences' or 'Options'. Make sure 'Enable JavaScript' is ticked. Internet Explorer users can enable JavaScript under 'Internet Options' in the 'Tools' menu item. Select 'Custom Level' from the 'Security' tab and then enable the scripting options.

Server Error and Time Out messages

These messages are usually temporary and fixed by clearing your cache. This is basically your computer’s short-term memory that stores all the information from pages you’ve previously viewed.

For Internet Explorer users simply hold down the SHIFT key and click REFRESH on your browser. For Netscape users hold down the SHIFT key and click RELOAD.

If you continue to have problems, try closing and re-opening the browser. If this fails or your computer isn’t performing as well as it is on other sites you might want to try reconnecting to the Internet. If you continue to have problems feel free to contact us and we’ll try to sort things out for you.