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Work Experience Australia

Tips for Students

Where do I start?

Chances are, when you first hear the words ‘work experience’, you may be anxious and probably quite scared…possibly even terrified. Working with adults at a strange place where you don’t seem to understand anything and everything is out of your control? Sounds wonderful right?

I’ll just put it off!

Well that feeling of terror might just lead you to make your first big mistake: putting it off for ages, practically until the last minute if you possibly can. It’s not your fault though; it’s really just human nature after all. Humans do not like pain and this seems a lot like pain to many students and so we just don’t think about it! Amazingly, this approach actually does work for a little while, but the major problem with this approach is that later down the track there isn’t just pain, there’s also the added bonus of panic! And the panic/pain combination is even more painful than just pain by itself.

You got told

So hopefully you are still in Year 9 and a teacher or someone has recently said to you, ‘next year all Year 10’s will be doing work experience’, and you thought to yourself, ‘Wow, what a wonderful day this is, does life get any better than this?’ Does that sound familiar? …Hello? What do you mean no?

Yeah, you’re right; it probably went a lot more like this. ‘Work experience, I can’t do work experience, where will I go, what will I do? Wait, what are my friends doing? Can I just go do it with my friends? I can’t? And I have to organise it myself? I don’t know what I want to do after school! Why are they making me do this?’

Ok so your thoughts may have differed from these but the general theme is: ‘I wish I didn’t have to do this’. However, if you are a well-adjusted person and thought ‘Oh that sounds like fun’, then we say well done to you because this won’t be nearly so painful with that attitude.

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